Law Firm Logos

Logo Design for Lawyers

Justice Digital has a specialty niche in corporate identity for law firms and the legal industry. Our logo designers have designed law firm logos for many lawyers across the country since the 1990’s and we can assist your practice as well. Justice Digital has experienced logo designers that specialize in creating professional, original law firm logos. We do NOT use clip art like so many design companies do. Our graphic artists will work closely with you or your staff to design law firm logos based on an interview with your designated appointee to understand your goals and image in order to create a ‘design brief’. The design brief contains questions such as:

  • Do you want a traditional design, something contemporary, or even more modern?
  • What do you want your lawyer logo to symbolize about your law firm?
  • Do you want to ‘refine’ your current logo or develop a new image?
  • What type of clientele is your law firm targeting?

The Symbology of Design

Your law practice logo is the cornerstone of the corporate identity your legal practice. In the highly competitive law industry, it is important to display the image you wish to project and to distinguish yourself from other firms by creating a unique, sophisticated logo. Ir ia onw of the ways lawyers can set themselves above the rest.


The Psychology of Color

The psychology of color is so important. The use of red symbolizes energy and aggression, while green denotes success and growth for example. During the law logo design process, our graphic designers will integrate your choice of colors with your law firm logo theme. We will present you with a series of original logo concepts for you to choose from to start the process.


We Understand Law Imagery

Don’t make the mistake of going with a logo design company that doesn’t understand our industry and the specific needs of attorneys. There is a strong tradition of motifs and symbolic imagery in the legal field. Choose wisely when selecting your design parter. Choose Justice!

Get a FREE Legal Logo Design Quote or call now toll free at (561) 376-5673 (LOGO). We have logo consultants standing by to answer your legal logo design questions!