Lawyer Websites

Responsive Web Design That Converts…

Is your law firm’s website ‘responsive’? Google began rolling out a critical change to it’s algorithm on April 21, 2015, a dramatic change commonly referred to as ‘Mobilegeddon’. According to recent study by, a leading law firm directory, “An astonishing 66% of private law practice websites failed the Google Mobile Friendly test!”  Lawyer’s whose websites fail the Google Mobile Friendly Test not only inhibit current clients and potential clients from viewing their website properly in a phone or in a tablet, failing also means that your lawyer website may no longer be listed in Google’s mobile site database!


Increased Conversion Rates

One of the most crucial KPI’s for your website is whether or not your website ‘converts’ i.e. does it engage your visitors and compel them towards action? Do the visitors to your law website contact you via form / call transfer or chat or do they take a brief look at your site and leave, resulting in a high ‘bounce rate’? Our clients typically report an increased conversion rate for the ‘calls to action’ on their websites resulting in more leads.


A Modern Aesthetic

A quality modern website is comprised of 3 main elements: Engaging graphics that attract the visitor, a logical infrastructure comprised of intuitive navigation and clean programming code and quality copy / text that informs and engages. At Justice Digital, we strive to design modern websites that help your firm look it’s best.


A “Full Service” Approach

Do you have time to develop your law firm’s online strategy and manage a marketing team? From responsive web design using the latest platforms and frameworks, to custom programming to secure web hosting, FAST website updates and quality maintenance, Justice Digital is “Your Link to the Future”.